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Earthaven seeks to foster a greater appreciation for the earth sciences.  This nonprofit educational facility is open to the public throughout the year.  We welcome individuals, school groups, community groups, scouts, home school groups, gem and mineral club members and anyone interested in the earth around us.

The earth we see today has been shaped by many forces: erosion and weather, earthquakes and volcanoes, the movement of continents and the impact of meteorites from space. We humans also have an impact on our planet.

There are many aspects to the earth sciences. Geology helps us to understand and interpret the world around us. Mineralogy helps us to appreciate the complex formation of minerals from the elements of the universe and the importance of minerals in every aspect of our daily lives from the food we eat to the tools we use. Paleontology helps us to understand the fossil record of life on earth, how it has been preserved by mineralization and how life has been shaped by and helped to shape the planet itself. The sciences of astronomy and meteorology can also tell us much about our planet.


We at Earthaven believe that by better understanding the dynamic processes that have created and sculpted the planet we live on, we can learn to appreciate and hopefully care for the earth that nurtures us as a human species.




399-Hubbard WoodPetrified Wood Museum Collection For Sale

This collection is a well documented, scientifically verified and exceptional work of lapidary artistry. The beauty and uniqueness of each specimen cannot be appreciated in pictures. One must see each piece to understand its stunning and matchless quality. No two pieces are the same. Each is a one-of-a-kind treasure that cannot be duplicated. There are 723 pieces in the collection.

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